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BridgerConway developed a new image with a new isologotype and packaging line.

Challenge and Results.

Guitig is an Ecuadorian brand that has been in the market for 100 years. It is part of Cabcorp Ecuador local brands.

It is the leader in the category of natural sparkling mineral water. This water of volcanic origin is bottled with minimal human intervention in Machachi in Quito.

Guitig needed updating in many ways. It is valued by the Ecuadorians as a traditional brand that offers a reliable and natural product. But the product perception was outdated in the sense that it was a quality product targeted at older people.

The challenge was to rejuvenate its image without changing the concept of a traditional, reliable and quality product that has a family tradition.

Based on these premises, BridgerConway developed a new image with a new isologotype and packaging line.

As the idea was to create a brand that could show a classic feature without becoming old-fashioned, we inspired on the resources that some beers use.

One example of this is the typography selected for the label text, which resulted in an elegant and balanced design. Another proposal was to change the language of the volcano, which is one of the brand key elements, because it made the brand lose impact and this was not beneficial for its new positioning.

Regarding color selection, the same colors were used so that the brand would still have on-shelf recognition and its upgrade would be perceived too.

  • ClientGuitig
  • IndustryFood & Beverages
  • DisciplinePackaging Design
  • CountryEcuador
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