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Corona Snow Art

BridgerConway was in charge of organizing and carry on Corona's new event in Caviahue, Patagonia.

Challenge and Results.

English artist Simon Beck was invited to this particular event to create a large scale impressive design in the snow by walking in snowshoes with his sketches and a compass in hand.

In this opportunity, he drew Corona's emblematic mandala-shaped sunset that measured a total of 50 meters (165 ft) in diameter and took him more than 12 hours to finish.

With his artm Beck travels around the world taking his drawings to different countries like the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Norway and the French Alps.
The whole concept, creativity, production and coverage of Corona's social media were held by the agency.

  • ClientCorona
  • IndustryAlcoholic Beverages
  • DisciplineBranding & Communication
  • CountryArgentina
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