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Brahma Trade Assets

A young and energetic brand needs to speak to its audiences in that same spirit. Standing out, surprising and getting closer to consumers were the main objectives of AB InBev and BridgerConway.

Challenge and Results.

Using their Visual Identity System as a starting point, Brahma updated their communication assets at trade.

The brand's new identity reflects freshness, realism, color, immediacy and joy, and that was the kick off to start thinking of new innovative assets by combining traditional elements of the brand (such as beer crates) with more unusual materials, in order to highlight the brand's playful spirit. The chosen materials were: OSB recycled wood board, galvanized metal and red corrugated iron sheets.

BridgerConway trade's team worked on designs that stand out in traditional off-trade. In addition, for the on-trade, specific assets were designed to strengthen the brand's "reason why": coming together with friends. After six months of ongoing work, a total of 31 assets were created, aligned to the new image of Argentina's top selling beer.

  • IndustryAlcoholic Beverages
  • DisciplineTrade & Industrial Design
  • CountryArgentina
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