La Constancia Packaging Design

La Constancia is a traditional food brand from Colombia, with more than 80 years in the market. They needed to integrate their whole portfolio and to reflect their high quality of their products.

La Constancia is a food company with more than 80 years in the Colombian market and a traditional profile, reflected in their high quality products.

In 2014, the brand decided to renew its image. Bridger Conway packaging team worked with the whole portfolio of the brand, in all of its categories: tomato sauces, mayonnaises, jams, fruits, sauces and dressings.

The main design challenge was to dismiss the structures of the old pack in order to be able to stand out of the shelves of the supermarket. By the end of the project, 160 designs were developed from zero, from the photographic shots of the products to the recipes at the back of the pack.


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