Under Armour & Phelps: A Joint Effort

Under Armour is one of the main sportswear suppliers from the whole world, and officially came to Argentina in 2017. The goal of the brand was to have a breaking outdoor event, with the presence of the 28-olympic medals winner Michael Phelps and the hockey star Luciana Aymar, along with many amateur athletes. We were in charge of the production and communication of the brand launch, and of the event itself.

Challenge and Results.

The main problem we had was the large amount of other sports brands in the country’s market. With that in mind, Bridger Conway, along with Under Armour, decided to have a massive event with two of the world’s biggest athletes: Michael Phelps and Luciana Aymar.

People from all around the globe followed the evening, that took place on December 7th. Along with Phelps and Aymar, 40 amateur athletes were chosen by the brand and by Bridger Conway -many of them after a contest that incited them to upload an image of themselves, with their favourite training place.

The result? Around 500 people participated in the contest, following the #UATrainingArg concept. That hashtag, along with #MichaelPhelps, were trending topics in Argentina. The very same day of the event, 650.000 people were reached by the official Under Armour Twitter account!

Facebook and Instagram were not the exceptions: on the first network, the brand had over 800.000 interactions since the announcement of the event, with a real reach of 6-million people. Counting both social networks, Under Armour had a massive growth of 6.000 new followers!

The biggest TV channels, radio stations, newspapers and online magazines from Latin America also amplified the news: Michael Phelps, the “Baltimore Shark” was going to come to Argentina for the first time.

On December 7th, hundred of Fans got to El Rosedal (Buenos Aires), where they saw two of the biggest athletes training face-to-face. That day, thanks to a minute-by-minute coverage of the event, #UATrainingArg had over 500 mentions on Twitter, along with 15.000 interactions. Also, the mentions of @UnderArmourArg grew 717%, and the followers increased on a 3000% level.

Our job couldn’t have been done if we hadn’t followed Under Armour’s main objectives: “move better”, “move faster”, “move longer” and “move stronger”. We’re really proud of the results.


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