Corona Tahiti

Corona joined the WSL championship in Tahiti and developed the Corona Surf Trip promotion, which was launched through "TAHITI", a landing page specially created for this purpose.

Challenge and Results.

In order to leverage the Tahiti Surf Trip Promotion, we created the first Corona Canvas and Carousel for the social networks to redirect traffic to the landing page in an innovative way consistent with the Corona lifestyle.

The promotion mechanics worked as the touchpoint between the POS and our multi-functional responsive website where the user was to feed in the code obtained from the purchased product to gain access to the interface where they could design their own surfboard and submit it to participate for a trip to the WSL in Tahiti with a friend.

For the Off-trade, we designed a set of materials to be deployed at selected clothing stores, consisting of communication inviting to get a complementary pack of Corona and a participation code with their purchase. Whereas in the On-trade, special hangers communicated the promotion and encouraged the purchase to participate.

This is how Corona joined such an exclusive surf event and sent the winners to Tahiti to live the WSL experience with the boards they designed with our special platform, generating new and exclusive brand content.





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