Corona Surf Trip

The Corona Surf Trip is a regional project where surfers from six Latin America countries (Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) experienced an amazing surf journey in Mentanwai, on the western coasts of Sumatra.

Challenge and Results.

The Sumatra islands are a prime location for great swells. Corona seized the opportunity to run a retail promotion that gave consumers the opportunity to win two spots to embark on a journey with six surfers from six different countries of the region to this ultimate beach paradise.

During the 15 day trip we shot eight videos for social media content that would be shown in every country of the region. Each video portraits the story behind every member of the surf trip. The resulting material reflected the true essence of the brand. A real stage, the surf paradise, gave us the possibility to produce authentic content for the brand and reflect the true meaning of “Find Your Beach”.




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