Modelo. Visual Identity and Trade Design

How can a Mexican icon evolve without losing its essence? A top beer highlights its legacy.

Cerveza Modelo is one of the most popular beers in Mexico. Established in 1925, it’s one of the most valued brands in the country. After redesigning their packs, they needed to update their image in order to be in tune with the new look, both their identity and trade assets.

The Bridger Conway Advertising’s team began with the Visual Brand Identity. The kickoff was the concept of “Renew The Legacy”, which had as its main objective, to take inspiration from the past and bring back the brand’s historical elements. Logos and its variations were established; color palettes and its uses; fonts and its specifications; photographic visual styles as well as the materials that best embodied the brand. These were later used as the starting point to develop the various Trade Assets.

With the materials defined (wood, leather, metal and gold details), the agency’s Trade Team developed more than 30 assets for the On, Off Trade and events platform. Over the six-month duration of the project, consistent progress and evolution of a truly emblematic Mexican brand was achieved.


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