Bud Light Trade Toolkit

Aligned to the concept and guidelines given by global, BridgerConway was given the task to develop a toolkit for the two Bud Light’s trade channels.

Challenge and Results.

After several months of research and analysis performed in the Mexican market, we understood each of the Bud Light’s POS and POC needs.
It took us 9 months of seamless team work among our departments of trade, design, creative and marketing to create a toolkit that unifies all points of sale: from a small shop in the country side to a mega nightclub in the city town center.
A key component of our work consisted in designing pieces addressing the concept “That’s epic” in perfect accordance with the brand’s global guidelines. And in doing so, we found a way of using basic shapes with the BOLD twist that the brand is known for. We applied the use of big cubes, lacquered glitter and bright lights to cause the desired impacting visual effects.





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