Arcor Breakfast Cereal Packaging Design

How to connect a brand with the youngest public (and decision maker) in an educational and playful way? Arcor asked us when he asked us for the job. The Packaging team was commissioned to carry out the project integrally.

Argentina’s main food manufacturer launched a new line of children’s cereals. The objective was to create a character and to design a pack for each variety by transmitting an eco-friendly message.

The concept of the product, the designs and naming of the characters and the games on the back of the packaging were all done by the Packaging team. All the characters were sketched from scratch and each of them is related to a current environmental problem: for the sugar flakes, Azuroso a bear that takes care of the glaciers; for the chocolate cereals, Crokolo a protective crocodile of the jungle; for the fruit rings, Fruggo a chameleon that protects the city and for the honey rings, Mielita, a bee that takes care of the forests.

It was a project that lasted 8 months where, the games on the back of the box were designed with slogans and messages on the care of the environment.

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