Project 66

Bud 66 wanted to expand its digital content with a handful of experiences, which were implemented successfully before, during and after the trip. The main objective of Project 66's adventure was to discover the trending tendencies of all over the world, and bring them to Paraguay.

Challenge and Results.

4 countries, 1 project. From Paraguay to the world

– The main objective of Project 66’s trip was to discover the trending tendencies all over the world, and bring them to Paraguay.

– A team of ambassadors went to New York, London, Amsterdam and Berlin. They spent the time of their lives, and learned about fashion, music, night life, underground experiences and photography.

– The content was replicated 24/7 into the Bud 66 networks, using the most innovative communication strategies to reach the biggest possible amount of people.

Maximizing concepts to a new level

– Through Instagram -with live streams, stories and interactive contents-, Facebook and several other media channels, we documented every step of our trip.

– People could follow the DJ Paolo Petz and the journalist Cecilia Rojas on her New York’s adventures; went over London’s Oxford Street with blogger Andrea Montanaro and art curator Rut Montenegro; enjoyed Amsterdam with the help of the DJ’s Natalia Doljak and Constanza Zavala; and finally discovered the best spots in Berlin with the photographer Victoria Mussi.

The soul as the strongest force of engagement

– The overall concept of the trip was “We are nomads”, and that was the message that the ambassadors also replicated on their own social network accounts. The influencers also took over the Bud 66 network channels, and put their own style into the messages and pictures of an ever-growing brand

Over 200hrs of content and international wisdom

– Bud 66, with Project 66, had been positioned as the most ingenious and risky marketing strategies to reach Paraguay all over the time.

– Over the four countries of the trip, we generated over 200 hours of creative content, which was unveiled over the rest of the year on the social networks of Bud 66, in VP and in interviews with the ambassadors on the media.

– Project 66 had been positioned as the main bringer of music, fashion, photography and night life tendencies to Paraguay, with the experience of the most important alternative places from all the world.

– Project 66, which also includes parties and contests in Paraguay, is just starting. Now, it’s up to you.


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